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The building block of all that I love. From colors to shapes and typography to photography, good design serves the goal of a project and satisfies the eye at the same time. From flat design, 3D elements, and web development (HTML/CSS) nothing is better than starting from a blank slate and having the freedom to create.

What I like to work in:

Photoshop IconIllustrator IconInDesign IconFigma iconCinema 4D IconWebflow IconWordpress Icon
Homepage Design for
Low poly ocean and island created in Cinema 4D.Design for personality resultsPhotograph of Notre Dame Cathedral


Taking a design to the next level with movement has been at the center of my creative philosophy for the last decade and beyond. I'm inspired by being able to take text, shapes, and imagery and give it a kinetic energy that allows it to channel new emotions and take on a life of its own.

What I like to work in:

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With a degree in filmmaking, video is the root of my creative background. While absolutely proficient in production, my true passion lies in post-production, most specifically editing. Capable of working in a full pipeline from capturing footage (even via drone) to exporting/uploading the final output in any format, filmmaking is a passion of mine that will never burn out. I'm good with audio too!

What I like to work in:

Premiere Pro IconMedia Encoder IconAudition IconFinal Cut Pro / X IconAudacity IconLinear icon for Mavic Air drone
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about me.

Outside of my own creative work, I love consuming the creative work of others -- movies, music, video games -- you name it and I've probably seen it, heard it, played it, or at the very least know about it.

If I'm not deep into some form of media, I'm hanging out with my wife and our two miniature dachshunds. I also love to travel, having been all over the U.S., Europe, as well as some of Africa and Asia -- adding to this as much as I can each year!

DM on social if you want to chat, and be sure to check out my YouTube channel, The Star Wars Canon, where some friends and I talk about all things Star Wars -- video and social design from yours truly, along with most of the editing.

In 2011 I joined Traitify, a human insight platform offering a variety of personality assessments, and served as Creative Director. In 2021 Traitify was acquired by Paradox to enhance their hiring platform with our assessment. Currently working as Director, Marketing Enablement at Paradox, while working on Traitify's award-winning Animated Assessment, featuring our custom character Ash.